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Easy way to improve your Excel skills

Got a database you need to sort, need some figures collating? Microsoft Excel is the perfect application to make your spreadsheet needs possible, here are some of the best tips to sharpen your ability in Microsoft Excel

How to add up figures FAST

Easy way to improve your Excel skills

Being able to tally up data within tables, rows and columns is invaluable - This tip will save you so much time for when it comes to carrying out tasks like accounting, sales forecasts and large sums.

Best tips to improve your Excel skills

The function is called an "AutoSum", to execute this, simply click on the cell to the right of the last number in your row of numbers, this is for if you want to figure out the sum of a row. Alternatively, you can click on the cell beneath your last number in a column to AutoSum a column of numbers. Once you click on the corresponding cell, press the AutoSum button located in the top right of your Excel interface, then once the AutoSum range pops up, hit "Enter".

Locate all cells with the same value

Easy way to improve your Excel skills

This trick helps massively when trying to find the percentage of certain outcomes from things like data entry and surveys that you have collated into Excel.

Best tips to improve your Excel skills

To search for a value or certain letter or word, press "Ctrl-A" to select every cell, or click on the row or column header to just search from a certain row or column. Next, click on the "Find and select" icon located in the top-right of your Excel interface. From here you can find all of the corresponding cells with a certain value, and you can delete the rows and columns in your data that may contain that specific data, as you may not need it.

If you want to delete specific data from this search, select "Find all", then press "Ctrl-A" to highlight every cell that falls into the corresponding data - From there you can right-click on any highlighted cell to delete all of those rows, or all of those columns.

Transpose your tables easily

Easy way to improve your Excel skills

Sometimes your tables and spreadsheets can look messy in their default form, luckily, there is a way to rotate (Transpose) them, to provide a better view of your data. To transpose a data range, simply select a region equal to the number of cells in your data range - for example if your original table is 2 across and 4 down, select a range that is 4 across and 2 down - This makes your selected data a 90 degree rotation of the original data field.

Best tips to improve your Excel skills

Next type in "=TRANSPOSE" into the first cell within your selected range. Figure out what your selected range is, this can be found by combining the row number and column letter of the top left and bottom right cell within your data range.

From here you can transpose this range, so for example, we will type "TRANSPOSE(A1:B4)". Once it has highlighted your original range, you're going to hold and press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER. This will paste your table contents into a transposed table in the range you selected.

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