Dropbox VS OneDrive - Which Free Storage Tool Is Best?

Free to use cloud storage has been around a little while, but not many of us really take the time to look into which option is best. Two of the biggest solutions for individuals out there are OneDrive, and Dropbox.


Dropbox VS OneDrive - Which Free Storage Tool Is Best?

You might not have heard of Dropbox, it isn't as widely adopted as OneDrive, but it is a great, clean, and simple to use tool. As we are looking at free solutions only, let's cover the benefits you get:

  • 2 GB storage

  • Access files from a number of devices, including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and tablets

  • Instantly share links of your work via Dropbox paper

  • Preview and make comments to over 175 different supported file types

Dropbox features a modern design, you can create and share files with its built in Dropbox paper feature. Users can make comments real-time, you can add links instantly, there is a variety of fonts, and work seems to upload really quickly no matter what the file type or file size, something more important if you tend to leave work until the last minute! Dropbox has a 30 day file recovery window, so if you ever delete files, they are automatically archived until 30 days have passed, which in that time, should you change your mind, you can recover your previously deleted files.

Dropbox is great for its tool that tracks latest changes, where it will show you text omitted and what it has been replaced with - Great for having your homework corrected or finding out where you went wrong on a project!