Do we really need smartphones?

People are driven by technology, it is what helps the modern world keep moving. One of the most important, yet controversial pieces of technology is the smartphone.

Do we really need smartphones?

Notice how we said smartphone, and not just phone, mobile, or cell phone - A smart phone does a LOT more than just the calling aspect. In fact, up to 10 percent of people who own a smartphone carry out all of their online activities via their mobile device, as they cannot get a broadband connection into their homes, meaning they rely on 3G or 4G mobile data.

First we have to understand the fundamentals of smartphones, they are used for both positive and negative reinforcement, i.e. The modern day user can either use it to tune into entertainment and benefit from the engagement their brain gets (Funny videos, memes, forums etc), or people used their smartphones as a way to avoid the real world (pretending to text, call or be busy on their devices) - This is negative reinforcement as it almost begins to dwindle their social and real world skills.

Do we really need smartphones?

The problem here is that smartphones tend to receive an over-reliance, as people can turn to them quicker than people and computers. People in general love attention, and this includes people who are shy, socially anxious or introverted - With smartphones, these kinds of people can enjoy the attention as there is no pressure to come up with a reply straight away, or worry about what other people might think. Everyone is behind a screen, so there is less consciousness about people's feelings and reactions.

We technically need smartphones because they are associated with every aspect of our social lives - We need a quick, cheap way to contact our parents while we are out as young kids, we need a way to let our boss know we're sick, and we need a form of entertainment when out and about. Our brains are constantly switched on, looking for engagement, and a smartphones provides the creme de la creme of that.

Do we really need smartphones?

Humans have transitioned well into mobile technology, but unfortunately we cannot revert back to how we used to be. This is simply because the modern generation have lives that are centred around technology. You have to remember that technology isn't just computers, phones and TVs - It's microwaves, ovens, kettles, power points, games consoles, fans, heaters, fridges etc.

Asking somebody to give up their mobile these days is a little like asking them to get rid of their fridge and freezer - They could manage it, but they would struggle as they wouldn't know where to start to source and store food differently. People in this generation need mobile phones as they offer an unmatched convenience that nothing else brings, and it is hard to imagine that a device people are essentially addicted to, could suddenly no longer be used.

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