• Reza Nilofer

CUSTOM BUILD: How long can a Custom Build PC Last?

My experience is at best anecdotal, maybe I have been lucky so far and blessed by the old gods and the new. My PC is still alive since 2011. Windows, Gigabyte mainboard, etc. Yes, I have had to change some things here and there, like the power supply once, the fans twice (they got bigger and better each time) and upgraded my ram. I do admit that I am gambling a bit with my HDD (Hard disk drive), those needles have a lifespan and 8 years of operation is more than one should expect. I should really plan to upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive). You can google the difference between these later, but to summarise, HDD has moving parts and SSD has none, which would make the latter last a lot longer. In theory. In practice, it all depends on the quality of the make, so do your research and buy from a reputable brand with good quality control is the best advice I can give. I love custom builds, they are just so fixable. Like an old mechanical car with very little electronics, a swap here and a wipe there, it is good as new. And if you look at it from a cost perspective, very efficient. From an environmental perspective, very environmentally friendly too. Here in Singapore, we have a great shopping mall dedicated to computers and the custom builder, it is called Sim Lim Square. It is a haven for all the computer nerds/geeks/fans/enthusiasts/gamers alike. It is their temple. Sure you could buy a dell or a hp desktop computer, you could make it easy or you could make it your own. My 8-year-old desktop is a testament to custom builds everywhere. With a little bit of love, it will power on a little longer. I will have to upgrade the OS eventually and scrap some of the parts, it was such a great run. Worthy of a mention in this blog.

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