Charge your phone faster with these power adapters

If only there were a way to charge our mobile phones faster, that would be amazing. What do you mean there is? That did sound like an infomercial.

Charge your phone faster with these power adapters
Charge your phone faster with these power adapters

If you ever find yourself waiting for your phone to charge, you are not alone. Not all of us are regimental, charging our smartphones at the same time every day. Many of us prefer to charge when the battery is in the red. Charging, however, takes time, especially when you are using a charger the came in the box with your phone.

The truth is, manufacturers of your smartphone don't want to waste their costs on a high-quality fast charger for your phone. There is not much of a conspiracy theory; there is no real incentive to provide you with a more expensive charger which can charge your phone faster; assuming customers are mostly overnight chargers. Let IT Block show you some reliable brands of fast charger if you would like to look for one.

Charge your phone faster with these power adapters
Samsung Fast Charger


Safe to say most of us are familiar with the Samsung brand, but less known is their phone accessories range. Their fast chargers are fantastic and compatible with an iPhone lightning cable too. But is fast charging harmful? Did you know that overnight charging is detrimental to your battery life? Most manufacturers advice that if you wish to put away your phone for a long time, they recommend bringing the charge down to at least fifty per cent before doing so. Phone batteries operate optimally and last longer between twenty to fifty per cent charge. Lithium-ion batteries your phones use are not very good at maintaining the full capacity of power, with many recommending that you charge your battery to eighty per cent is a good practice.

Charge your phone faster with these power adapters
Anker Fast Chargers


Anker is a company registered in Shenzhen, China. You can look at many online top ten or best of the best list for fast chargers, and you will always find an Anker product. Anker considers itself the global leader when it comes to power adapters, wireless charging and portable battery chargers. Some of their fast chargers are capable of delivering sixty-five Watts of charging power if you compare that to a default charger from Apple which is only five Watts.

Sixty-five Watts might seem dangerously larger than five Watts, but do not worry, these chargers are generally rated with such high power because they designed to charge multiple products at the same time safely. Brands like Anker have smart features programmed in their chargers which can detect and deliver the most power your phone can handle and nothing more.

Charge your phone faster with these power adapters
Belkin fast chargers


Belkin is an American brand under the umbrella of Belkin International. Linksys is also under the same umbrella. So as far as quality goes, Belkin is most likely the best in this article. Quality as always comes at a heftier price tag.

We have covered so far how charging overnight and maintaining a full battery capacity is detrimental to battery lifespan. Fast charging may seem rash, but it is not. For example, the default iPhone charger is only able to deliver one Ampere of current, while many fast chargers provide between two to three Amperes. This may seem irresponsible, but your phone controls the amount of current it receives. For an iPhone, the maximum acceptable current is around two Amperes if we put together how batteries best kept between twenty to fifty per cent charge capacity, having a lazy attitude towards charging might be the best way to go.

However, we do not recommend ever to let your phone completely discharge; this too is very harmful to your battery's lifespan. iPhone for example, enter into low-power mode at twenty per cent capacity, which is a great warning to alert users to start charging their phone. And if you notice, at eighty per cent, an iPhone alerts its user that battery is sufficiently charged. You are further proving our point how a full charge is not ideal for your phone.

What is the best way?

Get a fast charger, something convenient to carry around. Charge your phone when you need it. If you have been driving, even better, charge when you are driving. Charge in the office, charge when you are in the shower. The fast charger will give your battery a lot of juice in a short period, more than enough to last you to the next location. It also does not hurt to have a power bank lying around in case of emergencies, but these days, a phone call is not the battery-guzzling function it used to be. Watching videos and playing mobile games is what consumes the most battery.

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