IT Support 101: Choosing the right component for custom PC Part 1

Building your PC is so much more fun than buying one. We are not here to talk about price or budget, but to enrich you with the knowledge that proves helpful in building your very own PC or personal computer. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced builder, this blog is just right for you. Why let companies like HP or Dell have all the fun in your stead? If you have the time, we honestly think building one is a perfect option. So let's start with the basics — first, the casing.

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Choosing the right component for custom PC

How to choose the right casing for a custom PC Build?

The easiest thing to select and to your right, you see a beautiful casing with green liquid cooling going on. Looks very cool, although we do not necessarily trust ourselves not accidentally to knock it down and create a mess. The main point you want to take note is size and placement. You have a place for it, so it is best always to do some necessary measurements before you go out and purchase a casing. All that effort wasted if it cannot fit where you intend to put it.

How to choose the right components for a custom PC build it support singapore it services it solutions
Choosing the right component for custom PC

What we also recommend is go for a lightweight casing if at all possible and something leaner. If you are not too familiar with which brand to select, go with Cooler Master, and you should be fine. Also, an excellent viewpoint to have is spending more money on a casing is taking away money from the parts you would like to buy. We keep the budget of our casings to below a hundred dollars. Of course is the price is no object, and you would like it to look like something that came out from an alien versus predator movie, by all means.

A suitable casing designed around cooling and a better casing also design around dust management. What we mean is something that comes with an air filtration layer would be much easier to clean unless you prefer opening your computer up from time to time and vacuuming it.