Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

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Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

When it comes to headphones, the best products will depend on your personal preferences. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes for headphones, especially for watching TV or movies. From comfort to style, there are so many factors to consider.

Instead of simply listing the top three or five headphones for Netflix available on the market, we have decided to create a “Best of” list, including categories like Best Value, Best Sound, and Best Noise-Cancelling. This way, you are able to choose the features that mean the most to you and make your decision accordingly.

To compile our list, we took a look at several data points and determined rankings. We considered reviews, other top-ranking sites, and the realistic availability of each product. Because we live in Singapore, we understand the frustration that comes with finding available products.

We do feel that it is important to note a common issue with faux leather. Some products on this list incorporate a type of fake leather material that can peel due to humidity. If you live in Singapore, where humidity is unrelenting, the humidity levels may not be suitable for headphones made with this material.

The Best All-Around Headphones for Netflix and Chill 2020

Let’s hit the ground running with our selection for the Best All-Around headphones. For this category, we’ve chosen the Sony MDRRF995RK. These clock in at a price point around S$350.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020


  • Wireless closed type headphones

  • Bluetooth range of up to 150 ft away

  • Noise-reducing technology

  • Simple to connect

  • Voice Mode button

  • Soft ear pads

  • 20 hours of battery life

We feel that the Sony MDRRF995RK is the perfect pair of headphones for those TV chillout moments. It is easy docking, fast to charge, and maintains reasonable battery life. The black colour is simple and elegant, matching most styles. You will never miss out on the experience of using proper wireless headphones for TV again with these headphones. They also offer a really cool voice mode that enhances the voices in your favourite television shows or movies. Finally, you can hear what you want without wondering what all those outside pesky mutterings are all about.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

We do take note that this pair of headphones is not exactly readily available here in Singapore. We are not sure why the Sony stores here never stock up on the really good stuff coming off their production line. So, if you are not located in Singapore, you may have a better chance of finding this gem of a headphone. If you are in Singapore, we recommend shopping online to find these headphones.

The Best Value Headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

Next, let’s take a look at the headphones that provide the best value for your money. We’ve chosen the Avantree HT3189 at the Best Value headphones, clocking in at around S$158.90.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020


  • Outstanding wireless stereo audio quality

  • Fast stream low latency technology that effectively removes transmission delays

  • Real Audio and video synchronization

  • 3.5mm (&RCA cable) plug that is standard to most audio devices

  • Ultra-soft over the ear pads with an adjustable headband

  • Long working time with up to 40 hours of battery life

Avantree is a relatively new brand, especially in Singapore, but many of their headphones have already made it on numerous top ten lists on other review sites. In our experience, new companies tend to overcompensate with their pricing while offering incredible products. The strategy is often used to break into the market and create brand recognition, and we think Avantree has done an impressive job so far. And thankfully, their products are readily available in Singapore.

This set of headphones does not come with a docking station, which is one of its few shortcomings. However, it makes up for this flaw by delivering an amazing wireless experience when watching television. These headphones are specifically designed for watching TV or playing video games. The most impressive feature is the long battery life. With 40 hours of battery life, charging can be a weekly thing. Charge your headphones on Sunday night and use them all week long.

The Best Sound Quality Headphones for Netflix and Chill 2020

For many headphone aficionados, sound quality is the main factor in determining which products to buy. When it comes to the Best Sound Quality, we’ve chosen the Sennheiser RS 195 RF that cost about S$639.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020


  • Plug-and-play setup

  • Support up to 2 headphones simultaneously

  • Great sound quality

  • Bass Boost mode

  • Intuitively-designed controls

  • Cable-free charging

  • 18 hours of battery life

The only downside we can find with these headphones is the 18-hour battery life. But, we don’t see that as a big flaw because these headphones come with a docking station and charge wirelessly! You should be able to watch anything you want on a single charge unless you plan on having a Lord of the Rings marathon. Once you’re done, just put it back on the nice pedestal and let it recharge. The docking station can support up to two pairs of headphones at the same time, so you can watch with a friend.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

These headphones are far from cheap, and the price we found is the recommended retail price. However, you may be able to find these headphones at a discount, taking a few hundred dollars off the cost. It is still a lot of money but worth it if you are able to afford these headphones. The pure sound quality is impressive, and they are much less expensive than buying an entire sound system or an expensive soundbar. Having television headphones in the house is a great investment. You don't disturb your neighbours and your neighbours cannot disturb you. Your family can sleep in peace and you can watch in peace.

The Best Low-Cost Headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

If the price is your biggest factor when purchasing new headphones, we understand your pain. We’ve chosen the AKG Y50BT is the best budget-friendly option at about S$138.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020


  • Noise-cancelling capabilities

  • 15-hour battery life

  • Clear sound quality

  • Comfortable, padded earphones

  • Affordable price point

Not everyone can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a new pair of headphones. If you want a pair of quality headphones that won’t break the bank, the AKG Y50BT is your answer. We are beyond impressed at the capabilities of these headphones, especially considering the relatively affordable price. You can enjoy 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, which is a great battery life for Bluetooth headphones.

The sound quality is crisp and clear with these headphones, so you do not have to sacrifice your listening experience for an affordable device. The surfaces of these headphones feature a combination of matte and glossy finishes for a sleek look, and the padded earphones and headband are extremely comfortable. These headphones do not come with a docking station, but that doesn’t really surprise us at the price.

The Best Earbud Headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

Over-the-ear headphones are not always the favourite choice for every user. Many prefer to enjoy their TV shows and movies with wireless earbuds instead of wearing bulky headphones for hours. We’ve chosen the Sony WF-1000XM3 as the best choice for wireless earbuds at S$273.

Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020
Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020


  • Noise-cancelling capabilities

  • Good quality sound

  • Snug fit

  • 6 hours of battery life

  • Charging case included

  • Built-in Amazon Alexa compatibility

We love Sony’s WF-1000XM3 earbuds. They provide state-of-the-art sound quality that is enhanced by the noise-cancelling capabilities. The technology used in these earbuds supports sound transmission to the left and right earbuds simultaneously, instead of simply relaying the sound from one earbud to another. The touch controls are intuitive and easy to use, so you can quickly set up your earbuds and enjoy using them.

If you use Alexa smart home devices, these headphones can connect with your existing devices. You can access Alexa with your voice to gain information, play music, and more. The earbuds have a battery life of six hours on their own, which is not much compared to other products on this list. However, with the charging case, you can extend the battery life to 24 hours.

The Best Noise-Cancellers Headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

While several of the products on this list feature noise-cancelling capabilities, this feature can be very important to some people. We’ve chosen the Bose QuietComfort 35 II at S$482.


  • Excellent noise-cancelling feature

  • Unbeatable sound quality

  • Easy to set up and pair

  • 20 hours of battery life

  • Dual microphone system

Bose is one of the kings in the headphones industry, and they do not disappoint with their QuietComfort 35 II headphones. If noise-cancelling capabilities are a deal-breaker for you, these are your best choice. All outside sounds and distractions will be removed from your listening experience, so you can enjoy your TV show or movie uninterrupted. The clear sound is easily enjoyed without annoying background sounds getting in your way. And, we love that the volume optimized EQ provides balanced audio at all volumes.

You will have no trouble with the battery life on these headphones because the battery can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. It takes no time at all to set up these headphones and pair them with your device, so you can enjoy high-quality sound almost instantly. The padded earphones are extremely comfortable and the adjustable headband can be altered to work for any listener, not that you will want to share these with anyone else!

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