Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

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Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2020

When it comes to headphones, the best products will depend on your personal preferences. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes for headphones, especially for watching TV or movies. From comfort to style, there are so many factors to consider.

Instead of simply listing the top three or five headphones for Netflix available on the market, we have decided to create a “Best of” list, including categories like Best Value, Best Sound, and Best Noise-Cancelling. This way, you are able to choose the features that mean the most to you and make your decision accordingly.

To compile our list, we took a look at several data points and determined rankings. We considered reviews, other top-ranking sites, and the realistic availability of each product. Because we live in Singapore, we understand the frustration that comes with finding available products.

We do feel that it is important to note a common issue with faux leather. Some products on this list incorporate a type of fake leather material that can peel due to humidity. If you live in Singapore, where humidity is unrelenting, the humidity levels may not be suitable for headphones made with this material.

The Best All-Around Headphones for Netflix and Chill 2020

Let’s hit the ground running with our selection for the Best All-Around headphones. For this category, we’ve chosen the Sony MDRRF995RK. These clock in at a price point around S$350.