Best email clients for small business

For any small business, having an email setup is crucial, so we have brought together the best ones. Let's discuss who the best email clients are for small businesses...

Microsoft Outlook

If you want the best of both worlds, Microsoft offers their own email client by the name of Outlook. Outlook can be synced with other 365 products such as Microsoft Office, as well as collaboration tools like Teams.

Best email clients for small business

It is great for any small business, mainly due to its high-quality collaboration features...

  • Automate email sending for when you're not available? - Check

  • Create calendar reminders or meeting schedules, and share them with your team? - It has that too.

  • Unsend, group, categorise and mark emails as read? Easy peasy!

Outlook is definitely a solid choice if you can to bring your work together, it works well to link with so many other cloud-based tools, and a lot of small businesses leverage this ability and create a great online working basis.

The full software for Outlook costs roughly S$190.00, alternatively you can opt for the full Outlook 365 and pay a monthly fee per additional user - The latter is usually under S$10 per user per month.


Almost everyone has a Gmail for personal use, and it is great to use if you're a small business too.