5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

If you are looking to add a new payment method to your business in Singapore and are not too sure which one is secure, you may want to consider our recommendations.

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

Security is paramount when money is involved. Customers and clients these days are using all sort of mobile applications to make payment, and not just because of the perks or bonuses, but because of how easy it is to use. Who wants to take out a cheque, do a wire transfer or even use a credit card when you can just take a picture with your phone to make payment.

But as a business manager, while many payment applications or gateways might seem easy to use, how do we know they are secure? Are all these apps really safe for both consumer and business?

To help you decide, we have listed five of the most secure payment applications or gateways you can find right here in Singapore.

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

1. Dash by Singtel

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

Dash is a result of a combined initiative between Standard Chartered Bank and Singtel, Singapore's largest Telco. If you have ever taken a taxi in Singapore, you have most definitely noticed the logo on the window and all around the backseat.

Not exactly an application, Dash is more of a wallet and it works with any bank. You top-up the amount in the wallet and use it to make payment. There are auto top-up options available also.

While it may seem Dash is synonymous with public transport here in Singapore, you can also find convenience stores, supermarkets, retail and e-commerce businesses accepting Dash as a form of payment. Both Standard Chartered Bank and Singtel have spared no expense to ensure the security of Dash is not compromised. Which makes it one of the safest apps to use for accepting payment.

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

2. Grab Pay

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

People in Singapore love using Grab Pay, mostly because of their comprehensive rewards program. Points gathered can be used to offset other purchases in the future and even claim air miles. Its almost no different than having a credit card's privileges with access to airport lounges without the annual fees.

Even if you are not a fan of Grab Pay, it would be considered harmful to your business, especially if you are a retailer to not have Grab Pay as a method of payment. Grab Pay might be a very young payment gateway application, but that does not make it any less secure. If you look at Grab as a whole, they are processing millions of transactions every month. Grab is now valued at fourteen billion US dollars and written on their website are the following information as proof of added security measures:

  • Award-winning wallet security (Florin Awards 2016, Global Payment Summit)

  • All personal information and payment transactions are encrypted and protected with a 24/7 fraud detection engine

  • Real-time transaction monitoring

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

3. PayNow and PayLah by DBS

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

DBS may appear like a normal local Singapore bank, but in 2019 it won three prestigious bank of the year award consecutively, a feat no other bank has been able to replicate.

DBS has two separate products, PayLah which acts as an e-wallet and PayNow which acts as a direct payment option via a phone number or business registration number. When it comes to security, DBS is considered one of the most secure banks in the world. They take money very seriously, and if either PayNow or PayLah was not secure enough for them, they would have never launched these payment gateways.

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

4. Apple Pay

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

Apple did something that we describe as nothing short of brilliant. With credit cards, whether Visa or Mastercard introduced their own version of contactless payment, it came with a huge security flaw. Thieves were able to create devices which can read important information by bringing that device close to a wallet or a handbag with the card inside of it. While contactless payment is easy, it was also not secure physically.

Apple Pay allowed users to input their credit or debit card details into their iPhone, allowing them to temporarily activate the contactless payment mode when needed. This not only made contactless payment extremely secure, but reduced the need to carry around numerous credit cards around.

For retailers, Apple Pay has also made their API available for both e-commerce and retailers alike. In fact, as long as you accept a contactless form of payment, Apple pay is already accepted by default. Apple does not charge you anything for it and all you would have to do is indicate a logo on your retail store to indicate it as a form of payment. But for e-commerce, you will need to do a little research to integrate Apple Pay as a form of payment, especially for payments made to your e-commerce via a mobile phone.

Apple Pay sits on Apple's very own secure infrastructure, you can be ensured that your card details and transactions are encrypted at the highest level.For both you and your clients.

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

5. PayPal

5 secure payment gateway apps in Singapore

Paypal started out as X.com, a company created by the great Elon Musk himself. PayPal's has numerous recommended safety measures, such as 2FA authentication which it recommends to its clients. But these are additional measures they require from clients to make their payment gateway application even more secure.

PayPal transactions do not transfer sensitive information such as your personal bank details, in fact the design of payment transaction is even more secure than a bank wire transfer or using a cheque.

PayPal does charge the most amount of any of the options we have listed earlier, but we do argue that it is not only the most recognized form of payment on the planet, but possibly the safest. Consumers feel safe using PayPal because they provide 'payback' protection, which means a buyer can claim their money back through PayPal if their merchandise is not received. However, we do feel PayPal really needs to update their transaction charges, because it really is much more expensive than other payment forms at the moment.

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