5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

IT Block has compiled a list of five computer accessories you might be using this very moment, which might be obsolete in the near future.

You might remember floppy disks, a mouse with rollers balls inside them, but these computer accessories have been obsolete for some time now. What we are about to show you are five accessories people are still using, but are getting harder to find at your local computer parts store.

These products no longer fly off the shelves like they used to, so if you are a fan of these accessories, we recommend you start stocking up immediately.

5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

1. Numeric keypads

Numeric keypads are products for those "dot com" generation. The first computer you learned on was a desktop computer, and even today a desktop computer will have a numeric keypad on it. The later generation, however, may not necessarily be familiar with a desktop computer, it is also entirely possible for a child in the modern age to have never touched a desktop computer let alone a numeric keypad. Laptops are more common, especially when they are much cheaper and just as fast. And some grew up with desktop computers who move over to laptops without missing the numeric keypad too much. Soon we predict the numeric keypad will only be available online before it disappears entirely.

5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

2. External webcams

Webcams are very useful and used in mass, every day. The problem with this computer accessory is not the lack of usage, is the size potential of its technology. Currently, there are small webcams capable of capturing ultra-high-definition video, and they will become smaller. Every laptop in the world already has a built-in web camera. Smartphones and tablets are the same. It is only a matter of time before smart TVs, and even desktop monitors may eventually have a webcam built-in. As a technology, it is almost non-replaceable, but as an external accessory, its only a matter of time.

5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

3. External Microphone

If you remember using one of these, you had a fantastic childhood as a gamer most likely. Laptops, as you already know, have microphones built-in. External microphones, also called desktop microphones, are made for desktop computers. But even gamers these days are equipped with the latest gaming headsets which have a built-in microphone attached. Even if you are on a video call with someone on a desktop computer, chances are you would be using a webcam which has a built-in microphone. It would be hard for any boutique computer shop owner to justify stocking such a computer accessory, how many customers would even buy such a thing. Maybe one customer a year?

5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

4. External Speakers

We are not referring to full speaker systems here, just those 2-piece computer speakers that used to be all the rave during the 90s. You might still find such speakers in many developing parts of the world, shamefully, the rest of us are just spoilt when it comes to sound. There is no way any person living in a modern country would be satisfied with the sound quality coming out of such external computer speakers anymore. Even the music coming from an LED TV without any soundbar or Dolby surround attached would churn out a higher quality of sound. Even laptops can give out better sound than these 'highly affordable' computer speakers.

At the risk of sounding elitist, these speakers have got to go.

5 computer accessories that are almost obsolete

5. Laptop cooling pads

There used to be a time when you might risk a skin burn for leaving your laptop on your legs for too long. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, those days are behind us. We used to see laptop cooling pads everywhere and for a good reason. Laptops were notoriously bad at regulating their temperature and would heat up to the point of performance degradation.

These days, only performance laptops meant for gaming and rendering would ever require extra cooling. And even so, laptops are becoming much better at regulating their temperature with time. In tropical countries like Singapore, where IT Block is based, we hardly see laptop cooling pads in public anymore. Yes, there are still those who would use them at home, but they don't have much on an effect if you are only using your computer to watch videos, surf the web and use Microsoft Office applications.

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