3 rugged storage thumb drives you need to have

For only a few dollars more, you can buy a thumb drive able to withstand extreme heat, moisture and physical force. So ask yourself this very important question, why haven't you?

3 rugged storage thumb drives you need to have

There was a time when even we did not pay too much to thumb drives, they get damaged, and we replace them. These days thumb drives can store a much higher capacity, which means they are not as easily replaceable. But with data in cloud services such as Google Drive, is there a need for USB drives anymore?

USB thumb drives are still critical, they are the closes thing to a physical form of data we can have in our hands. Data which requires absolute security is still hand-transported from location to location. Plus. Not all of us are willing to pay extra for cloud services to store a large amount of data. A thumb drive, in comparison, can sometimes be a bargain.

We are aware of many rugged USB thumb drives in the market, but you will not find Corsair or Lacie brand on this list, they are just not tough enough. We have seen the video reviews, and we are not impressed. What we are about to show you are three rugged options that are not only rugged but easy to find in electronic stores near you. Probably.

1. ToughMax USB 3.0 Drive

1. ToughMax USB 3.0 Drive

This thumb drive is the only USB 3.0 on our list; the others are 3.1 at least. What we love about Toughmax is its simplicity. A thick, hard and high-temperature plastic casing around the outside. Which is enough to give it these rugged properties:

  • Crush resistance up to 2250 kg

  • Resists water up to a depth of 30 metres

  • Withstand temperature between -25 to 150 Degree Celsius.

You could drop the Toughmax on the road, and there is a good chance it will survive with only a few scratches. This fabulous storage thumb drive is the smallest in size on our list and the largest capacity available is 64 GB, which to us is relatively decent. More than enough for documents and legal movies. The Toughmax is the cheapest option on our list.

2. DataTraveler Elite G2 by Kingston

2. DataTraveler Elite G2 by Kingston

The DataTraveler Elite G2, other than being a mouthful, is not exactly the best looking among our three options, but it is fast. It is rated USB 3.1, and if you get the 128 GB version, you get a quicker 70MB/s write speed. Unlike the Verbatim, Kingston only claims this thumb drive to be shock and water-resistant, but there is no official data on their datasheet to support this. The only thing mentioned is a storage temperature between -20 to 85 Degree Celsius, which feels quite average at best.

Nonetheless, backed by a five-year Kingston warranty, and Kingston is always willing to replace a faulty product with a new one without asking too many questions. Furthermore, most of the casing of this thumb drive is metal, which is why they claim this thumb drive to be highly resistant to shock. Just like the Verbatim thumb drive, if you lose the top plastic cover, you lose the water resistance with it.

3. Samsung BAR Plus

3. Samsung BAR Plus

Hands down, the Samsung BAR Plus storage thumb drive is a gorgeous piece of hardware. The rugged features of this thumb drive are quite extensive, let's have a quick look:

  • X-ray proof

  • Magnet-proof

  • Water-proof (72 hours in seawater tested)

  • Shockproof up to 1500 Gs

  • Non-operation temperature between -40 to 85 degree Celsius.

Speed is also something the BAP Plus can boast about, up to 300MB/s. You also have the option of purchasing it's 256 GB version, an enormous amount of storage in one sleek device. After writing this article, we are seriously considering the purchase of the Samsung BAR Plus; we are geeks after all. Ample storage space is our priority, even if we do not have an actual need. Please do note; the BAR Plus is the least affordable option on our list.

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