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3 biggest IT mistakes new startups make

New startups will find that embracing technology is so beneficial, yet, so many of these small businesses fail to fully utilise some elements of IT and online infrastructure.

Here are a few big things new startups do wrong when it comes to using IT in the business:

3 biggest IT mistakes new startups make

1. Not embracing cloud

The biggest IT mistakes new startups make

The cloud is a fully managed way of storing files, remotely accessing company servers, and securely storing company data. Many companies choose to keep their data locally, in their own devices, without any real knowledge of the risks this poses. Without cloud, data loss is much more likely, and the prospect of working from home becomes much more expensive, and harder to implement - All of your staff will need their own new laptop or PC,

and even then, it is harder to keep everything in one secure place.

3 biggest IT mistakes new startups make

2. Classifying IT as a cost, not an investment

The biggest IT mistakes new startups make

IT is the best thing any company can have in this generation. Without any IT infrastructure, 99% of companies will find it very hard to gain recognition, you need internet access, databases, file storage, data security. Without IT, your business isn't future-proof, it isn't secure, and it certainly isn't scalable to the level it could be with a fully managed IT setup.

IT is an expense, but it creates returns, and so is an investment - Many companies don't use this mindset, and instead try to find the cheapest options, without thinking about the immense benefits better devices can bring, such as faster running of key applications, and better storage IT equipment for staff.

3 biggest IT mistakes new startups make

3. Only dedicating IT support to one person

The biggest IT mistakes new startups make

Keeping IT support internal can be great for businesses who are looking to build from the ground up, but it can be disastrous when entrusting your support in a single employee. If they leave, you want to have confidence that you and your staff can cope just as well without them, or at least somewhere close, until you can find a suitable replacement

Having dedicated IT support can improve the safety of your worker's, as well as touch up their computer skills. Outsourcing IT support can generally be cheaper than hiring someone directly to manage your IT department, the latter can be stressful for both parties, especially if you're running into problems and your IT employee is being overrun by issues from the rest of your team - External IT support is much more adapted to cope with these issues, and can do more than just solve problems, they can adapt your business, offering cost-effective solutions, so your business's IT is protected, scalable, and user-friendly for everyone within your business.

Remember - IT is an investment, and can only improve the ways you can market your business, as well as protect customer confidentiality, employee safety and accessibility. IT infrastructure is necessary to any business, for growth, future-proofing, and scalability.

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