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What is IT Office setup?

Whether your organization is setting up a new office, changing location or simply in need of a re-design. You can count on IT Block to support you in doing so. IT support does not stop at simply fixing your technical issues, we believe in providing a comprehensive IT support customer service experience.
We believe businesses should focus on their core business and leave their IT support needs to us. Our client's worry-free experience with our IT support is what we are proud of.

This means we will not only design and install all of your IT solutions equipment and infrastructure, but we also work within the budget you set for us as part of our IT support services.

We like to tell our clients, we are your IT support department.

Infrastructure design

Your IT infrastructure needs to be designed professionally by an IT support specialist. From the ergonomics of your table to the choice of laptop or computer you choose. From the Wifi routers to the distribution of LAN or fiber infrastructure. The location of your server room. Proper planning is required before implementing it.

What does ergonomics have to do with IT Support? IT support is all about providing the best IT infrastructure for your organization and great ergonomics promote productivity. And at IT Block, we provide a comprehensive IT support customer service experience.


It is so easy to go over budget. Leave the cost management planning to us. As your IT support team, we will ensure delivery within the allocated budget. 
IT Block concerns itself with 'needs' and not 'wants' when providing our IT Support and IT Services. Our aim is to deliver the best IT Solution within the allocated budget.

Our experience with various IT Solutions in the market is a result of years providing IT support. You can be confident we will make the right choices in the interest of your organization.


Efficiency is most important to us, not only in the way we provide IT Support and IT Services. We need our clients to operate as efficiently as possible. And that can only happen when good IT Support is provided. 
For example, even the location of a printer can result in a gain or loss in productivity. 

With IT Block's IT Support, we will focus on the importance of a reliable internet connection and connectivity to all of your technical assets. 

What we look for our clients after providing good IT Support is a smooth and pleasant experience with all your IT-related assets. 

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