IT Hardware Procurement Services in Singapore

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Procurement exercises are tedious, especially with IT hardware procurement. Sales team of these IT products are only interested in selling their products for the most profit, but you need a product that is right for your organizational budget and requirements. 

IT Block 'provides' you with IT hardware

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Purchasing your own IT hardware can be tricky. There are brands, budgets and requirements to deal with. IT Block simplifies this process by providing a unique IT support solution for our clients, we help you buy what you need. Within requirements and within budget. 
Our clients trust us to buy the best IT solution for them, and we know you will too.

IT Support and procurement

IT Block works closely with our clients in anything IT-related. As an IT support provider, we aim to solve and simplify our clients dealing with IT solutions and strategy.

Procurement for hardware solutions is difficult to maximize if you are not technically knowledgable. With IT Block's support, we will manage all of your procurement exercises of IT assets, saving you the trouble and manpower. 

This we believe can save our clients both time and resources they can allocate elsewhere.

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In-house retail solution

IT Block is not only an IT Support provider, but we are also an IT retailer. To better serve our clients with IT Support, we have partnered with various distributors and brands. This allows us to provide our clients with the IT solution they require by cutting out the retail shop as a middleman. IT Block also provides free delivery for all purchases over 150 SGD. 

Our clients may also use our support hours to provision and install the IT solutions they have purchased from us.

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Warranty and IT support

Clients on our IT Support retainer get to enjoy our support and warranty management on their behalf.

We will follow up on any issues with the warranty on your behalf and speak to the brand and/or vendors on your behalf. Our client's time is better spent on their work, let IT Block manage all of your hardware issues. 

Have a look at all the IT Support, services and solutions we provide here in Singapore and we hope you will choose us as your next IT support provider.

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