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Ransomware, hackers, cyber attacks and phishing scams are just some of the malware out there in the cyber world. As a decision-maker for your organization, you are trying to determine what is the best strategy that is tailored to your need. What you need is an IT service provider that is not only technical, but also creative in its IT solution implementation.


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IT Block is an IT Support provider that understands the dangers of personal data hacks and malware such as ransomware, viruses, etc. We are always learning of new threats and the IT solutions required to protect your organization from them. Our cybersecurity IT services is all about strategy. Let us advise and implement the best IT solutions out there within your budgetary constraints. Choose IT Block as your IT Support partner.

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There are many network-monitoring IT solutions that can look after the traffic in and out of your network environment. Firewalls are not a sure-fire way to prevents attacks anymore. You need enterprise-level network monitoring, with a human and AI at the end of it to realistically monitor malicious traffic that is trying to steal important data from your system. With IT Block's IT support, we will recommend the best IT solution in the market to best serve your IT security needs.

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It is predicted that by 2021, the damage caused by cybercrimes will reach 6 trillion dollars USD. That is the equivalent of the GDP of many countries. 
Data is the main thing stolen, your client data that is sold to the highest bidder, maybe even your competition. These things are happening daily and you need to do something to curb it.

With IT Block as your IT Support provider, you can be guaranteed a well researched IT Solution with the highest standards of cybersecurity today. We take our IT services very seriously.

Data Hacking
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Endpoint Protection IT Solutions

Firewall are great, endpoint protection is better. IT Block with our experience in IT support best understands the latest threats. Endpoint protection block programs like viruses and malware from coming in. But what about ransomware, dedicated denial of service attacks or hackers. You need a new type of IT solution, endpoint protection. Real-time companies that employ real-time humans to curb and manage attacks to your environment.

IT Block takes our IT services very seriously and we employ only the best IT solutions in the market.
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