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Are you looking to upgrade your team? Perhaps some of your staff members need to be familiarized with new email software or some other fresh new IT implementation? Orchestrating such corporate training services can be a chore, why not let us do all the hard work for you instead? Tell us what you want us to train, or better yet, check with us the training syllabus we have to offer. 

Cyber Security and IT Training

More often than not security and IT support are taken for granted by firms. The IT solutions relied upon are almost always software and hardware. But the one thing which is forgotten is training your team. Human error is the main cause and poses a more substantial cyber-risk. A well-trained employee would be able to identify suspicious behavior and would be able to highlight the matter to the relevant department to take action. Cyber espionage has evolved, data is gold and many will stop at nothing to learn about your company's projects and leads. Training is important and needs to be done as soon as possible. This is why you need an IT Support provider that is able to not just support your business but provide training in this crucial ever-changing landscape. 


Or maybe you wish to do your own training. Let us consult with you on the matter and ensure you a comprehensive and relevant content in your own organizational IT corporate training as your IT support provider.

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Not sure what IT corporate training you need? We will set the layout and design the entire syllabus tailored made for your organization to tackle the challenges you face as part of your IT support.

Our eloquent and charismatic IT support specialists will be able to deliver the message and training at a high level. They bridge the gap between layman and technical.

We work with the idea you have. You understand your company better than we do and we are able to bring to life your IT corporate training ideas in the most effective way possible

training syllabus

  • Identifying phishing emails and not be susceptible to social engineering attacks

  • Best password security practices and the importance of confidentiality

  • The dangers of public WiFi hotspots

  • How to identify if your computer is infected with malware

  • The different types of malware

  • Dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attacks

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization practices for marketing

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization practices for marketing

  • The dangers of losing personal and client data

  • Data security best practices

  • IT Support best practices