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Your email is on G Suite or Exchange cloud servers; your website hosted on cloud-based servers, your shared storage is being backed up to the cloud too. Many assets of yours are in the cloud, but you need someone to manage it. You have come to the right place.

What is cloud administration?

The act of provisioning, maintaining, managing, and troubleshooting your cloud-based asset can be referred to simply as Cloud Administration. You might be hosting applications or websites on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, and managing your cloud-based assets such as Exchange 365 and G Suite. IT Block has the expertise to package cloud administration as part of our IT support and services retainer agreement. 
Our comprehensive knowledge of IT support is what our clients need.

Cloud Resources

From digital assets such as digital pigeon or one drive or dropbox. To more complex resources such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We have the know-how to provide cloud administration IT support. Your small team may be using Deskera or some other cloud-based ERP solution to manage your accounting and operations. 
Cloud-based resources require finesse to integrate, and the IT support we provide makes all your solutions work together like clockwork.

Cloud Management

So you have all these cloud accounts. Do you know the admin passwords and users for each of them? We will consolidate your accounts as part of our IT Support services. 
We will keep your account secure and also ensure you have administrative access to your account. You should be able to lock us out of access, not the other way around.
Our IT support team will do cloud administration for you. We are allowing you to focus on work that needs your undivided attention.


IT Block knows the importance of integration with our long experience in providing IT Support. And as your IT Support provider, we will assess your IT solutions on your behalf and provide the best recommendation. We will do the heavy lifting here, while you focus on the business. We will contact the IT support team of this solution and debrief you on what is possible.
Liaising with vendors of your behalf is one of our specialties, on top of cloud administration.