Round-the-clock MSP IT Support in Singapore

We are an IT Company that prioritizes the time of our clients even when other MSPs do not.

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Haven't you always wanted IT Support, day or night? Even an in-house IT department has its limitation. But what if you are working from home or on the weekends and require urgent assistance? 

How does 24/7  IT support work?

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We are just a phone call and email away. IT BLOCK MSP will always have a staff on standby to receive your important message three hundred sixty-five days a year. 
Here in Singapore, during weekday office hours, we aim to respond within two to four hours. Outside of normal office hours, we aim to respond within four to eight hours. We are talking about on-site IT support here. Our email IT support will respond within one to two hours during office hours. That is the quality and the promise of IT Block's IT support standard.

Quick Response

Call us, email us or bother us. You have IT support hours with us and we will respond as quickly as possible. 24/7.

Our response time is simple, as fast as possible. The closer you are to our location the quicker we will be there. We deploy from one central location in Singapore.

Rain or shine, we promise we will be there for you. Count on us as your MSP IT Company in Singapore.

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On-site IT support

Our IT support specialists will be deployed immediately the moment you need them to. Our team is spread across the island to respond within two to four hours. Sometimes you need our IT support boots on the ground with you. 

Our clients also arrange appointments with our IT support team to provide on-site IT services. For things like server servicing, software, and computer hardware issues.

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Remote IT support

Our emergency remote support time is immediate. The moment you get us by phone or email, your IT support has begun.

We take your business seriously and prioritize your needs above all else. After all, your needs are our business. 


We are your MSP IT Company in Singapore.

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